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Single-User Licence: $95 

Multi-User License: $350 

FuseBuilder is a web application that is used to plan and help develop a website powered by the FuseBox methodology ( Currently FuseBuilder is written to work on ColdFusion 5 and MX servers, with framework generators for Fusebox 3 (PHP, ColdFusion and ColdFusion MX) and Fusebox 4 (ColdFusion 5 and ColdFusion MX). With one interface you can create Wireframes and Prototypes, and generate your framework files plus the code to create your database tables.

In the spirit of the Fusebox Community, FuseBuilder is being offered as "honor-ware". Sign up or log in, then download the application and begin using it to plan and develop personal or even professional Fusebox web applications. If you feel that FuseBuilder will save you enough time and money to warrant paying for it, click on either of the two links above to purchase a license.

    There are two types of licenses available:
  1. Single-User License: This license is applicable if you are a single developer and don't plan on showing any wireframes or prototypes to any clients.
  2. Multi-User License: This license is applicable if you are using FuseBuilder in a distributed work environment, if you are a company with more than one developer using the same copy of FuseBuilder, or if you plan on showing your clients any wireframes/prototypes.

    A Multi-User License is also required in order to download the new version of FuseBuilder, FuseBuilder 4.1 Edition.

To run properly the FuseBuilder application requires:

  • a ColdFusion server, version 5, MX 6.x, or New Atlanta's BlueDragon server
  • access to the following tags: <cfcontent>, <cffile> and <cfdirectory>
  • access to the following functions: GetCurrentTemplatePath(); FileExists(); ExpandPath(); DirectoryExists(); GetTemplatePath();

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